Web Developer

building modern, interactive and scalable applications, from database design, through back-end programming, to front-end responsive solution, using MySQL, PHP, HTML5 & JavaScript. Check out some of my projects or just drop me a line.

Senior RAN Engineer

working for AT&T in Oakton, VA, USA. Extensive UMTS/LTE experience in performance, optimization and design as well as trends analysis with recent focus on anomaly detection using Machine Learning, based on over 18 years of work for mobile network operators (ERA, now T-Mobile) or as a consultant for LCC International in USA. Details at LinkedIn.


Inksoft API, import to WooCommerce

wp1 Products import to WordPress. Using Inksoft API products from specified categories were exported to XML file, from where WP-All-Import plugin was used to import them into WooCommerce. Custom fields + JS were used to provide color switches. Also modified WooCommerce theme and added custom Child Theme to display photos differently and to include color information. Later modified further by adding multiple tabs with order/quote forms showing price (recalculated real-time) depending on quantity, size and options of a product.

PHP, Javascript


twtgal Image sharing for Twitter. You can upload a few images, create mini-gallery and get a short link to share on Twitter.

PHP, Javascript (Mootools), Twitter API + OAuth

Notable users:
Presidents of
Argentina    twtgal.com/vOTV    twtgal.com/rdbw
Venezuela    twtgal.com/8nTg


fotonea Create a collage from few images, then export/save on your disk or share.
Creating actual collage is done via Flash, so I had to learn some Actionscript 3 to process images. Other languages added thanks to Google Translate - it helped getting many users from Italy and Brazil.

PHP, Javascript, Actionscript 3, Paypal and Daopay SMS payments


mojedokumenty Website for transfering large files, with added groups and statuses. Project aimed at Poland, with domain name meaning "My Documents", but can be easily translated into other language. Huge file upload done in Perl.

PHP + CodeIgniter framework, Javascript (Mootools), Paypal payments


h5bp4j H5BP4J is a basic Joomla responsive template, based on excellent HTML5 Boilerplate 3.0, and should be treated as a starting point for someone who knows CSS, HTML and a little bit of PHP and wants to create his own template. Written for Joomla 2.5 only.

Source: https://github.com/kgretk/h5bp4j
Description, parameters here

Joomla! components

jportfolio Two component written for Joomla! 1.0 CMS (rather long time ago):
- Joomnik Gallery - written for a modeling agency
- JPortfolio - a component used as a project showcase by webdesigners


kgretk contact

Email: kgretk AT gmail DOT com

Cell phone: +1 646 48 one 279 five

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